Curbside Pickup

In order to keep our delivery volunteers safe and healthy, we will ask for a specific location outside of your home to leave groceries and pick up payment (see payment options below). We ask that when you place your order, be specific. Please also understand, it will be impossible to determine what product we have available on the shelves at the time of the call, thus making it difficult to get everything on your list. Rest assured, we will do our very best to get everything you need!

Here are the steps to follow:

How to place an order:

Option 1: Visit and click on the ONLINE SHOPPING link to complete our Google Form. 
Option 2: Email the order to
Option 3: Call the store at 402-773-4759 and place your order. 

Payment Options:

Option 1: Give credit card info to call taker. Details on retention or destruction of credit card numbers can be discussed with your call taker.
Option 2: Pay with a check.
Option 3: Charge to an established charge account We will NOT be opening any new personal charge accounts.
We prefer that you NOT pay with cash unless no other options are available.

At this time, we are not charging a delivery fee for orders, unless the order is under $10.00 total, then there will a $1.00 fee. This is subject to change due to call and delivery volume.

These steps are not set in stone and we will fine tune the details as we go along. Our main goal is to slow potential spread of COVID-19, as recommended by local, state and federal authorities, while still helping our customers get the items they need.